A Reading of Religious Nationalism in the Context of Arabic Neo-Fascism


The Arab Nation
Religious nationalism
Arab Middle East


This essay seeks to analyze the concept of religious nationalism and elucidate the critique of ideology from a Žižekian perspective to designate the concept as a semantic element of Arabic Neo-fascism. In order for this to be analyzed, it was derived from Arabic Neo-fascist Ideology. The major question to ask, through applying an ideology critique model, is how Arabic Neo-fascist ideology combined religion and nationalism to serve Arabic nationalistic ideology (Oroube). Having analyzed the texts produced by authors of Arabic Neo-fascism, such as
Michel Aflaq and using the critique of ideology model, it was shown that religious nationalism, as a semantic element of Arabic Neo-fascism ideology, has led to giving opportunity to Arabic nationalism and exploiting religion in favor of Oroube. In the final analysis, and by virtue of the above proposition, it was revealed that the Neo-fascist ideology in the Middle East, through giving hegemony to the Arab nation, attempted to strengthen Arabic nationalism by means of religion - which is a guise to cover Arab nationalism.


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