Journal of Middle Eastern Research (JMER)

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Vol 1 No 1 (2017)
Published August 21, 2018
Ideology, Gender and Nationalism in Kurdistan

JMER attempts to fill a gap between the academic studies on middle eastern societies and  the Kurdish studies affiliated journals. The journal aims to publish articles, review articles and book reviews on Kurdistan and its surrounding countries from a wider range of disciplinary fields including, but not limited to History, Politics, Political Thought, International Relations, Political Economy, Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Kurdish Studies, Social Movements, Media and Communication, Gender Studies.

The journal will be published in both print and online versions.

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Kurdish novel

The JMER managing board has decided to devote a special issue of the Journal of Middle Eastern Research (JMER) to original studies of the Kurdish novel. Researchers interested in the issue are invited to send their research papers or book reviews to Dr. Cyrus Amiri, the guest editor, at by July 31, 20 18. Following preliminary approval by the editor, the manuscripts will be subjected to peer review by at least two reviewers to ensure that they meet the standards of academic research. Contributors are required to follow the submission guidelines for JMER. The manuscripts my fall within any of the following categories (our list is by no means exhaustive):
•  studies of individual Kurdish novels
•  studies of the work of an individual Kurdish novelist
•  general critical commentary on the works of a group of authors
•  critical commentary on the history and the present condition of the Kurdish novel
•  critical commentary on translation and international reception of Kurdish novels
•  critical commentary on Kurdish translation of world masterpieces
•  comparative studies of Kurdish novels